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Bushing Tap (BT)

Bushing Tap Sensor (BTS)

Bushing Tap Sensor (BTS) comes with a bespoke  Bushing Tap Adaptor (BTA) that detects PD signals from the transformer windings and the bushings, through the capacitance of the bushing.

Figure 10 Bushing Tap Sensor (BTS)

These sensors are installed permanently during a planned shutdown or at the build stage of a project to enable On-line PD monitoring or spot testing without the need for outages.

The BTS keeps the bushing tap grounded in the same way as the original tap cover, preventing any voltage rise on the bushing tap when in-service and is suitable for outdoor use.

The two pictures above shows the permanent installation of BTS on 275KV Transformers.

This sensor is compatible for use with the HVPD Kronos Permanent and HVPD Kronos Spot Tester.

BTA Range

Ultra High Frequency (UHF)Barrier Sensor is attached over the insulation barriers of Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS).

Figure 11 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Barrier Sensor

It can be connected to the UHF converter – an add on feature of the HVPD Kronos Spot Tester or used as part of HVPD’s GIS Monitoring Solution, enabling you to conduct UHF detection or permanently monitor for PD in HV/EHV GIS

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