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The HVPD Kronos Permanent Monitor

The HVPD Kronos Permanent Monitor is engineered for continuous monitoring of complete electrical networks by detecting both irregular PD activity as well as longer-term trend increases in PD activity.

Figure 1 HVPD Kronos Permanent Monitor

Thus, provides prompt warning against MV and HV insulation faults and supports condition based maintenance schemes in order to reduce unexpected outages, downtime and ultimately maintenance cost.

This equipment can be deployed on the following assets:

Compatible Sensors:

HVPD Kronos Ultimate Software

This software contains all the needed tools for data acquisition, PD trends analysis and Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) patterns as well as report generation.

To separate different PD sources from noise, a range of data analysis tools are available within this software, including PD event recognition, pulse waveform clustering and machine learning.

24-channel Monitor

The availability of up to 24-channels and synchronous acquisition on 6 channels, enables this device to be used to monitor multiple assets simultaneously in addition to comparing data from different sensors.

HVPD Kronos WebView

This Monitor is supported by our intuitive web-based platform HVPD Kronos WebView.

Capable of navigating across all sites and focuses on the individual asset with few clicks, our software uses a traffic light system to display the condition of the asset.

Monitors Using Pre-installed sensors

Connection to any existing pre-installed PD couplers.

At Asset or Remote Installation

This equipment may be attached to on-line PD sensors installed at each asset or using our patented remote monitoring technique.

At-Asset Monitoring

This particular type of monitoring uses permanently installed sensors on rotating machines or transformers with the HVPD Kronos On-line Partial Discharge Monitor.

For monitoring of rotating machines, HFCT or HVCC sensors can be used. while HFCT or Bushing Tap Sensors are used with transformers.


This technology has been designed basically for the on-line PD monitoring of rotating machines including Ex/ATEX HV motors and generators situated in hazardous gas zones.

This system uses HVPD Kronos Monitors and advanced software algorithms, making it possible to carry out remote On-line PD monitoring of complete HV circuits. This technology nonetheless is not limited to Ex/ATEX motors but also monitor the insulation condition of cables, switchgear and transformers, achieving complete network monitoring.

This technique makes it possible to identify all three types of PD that could originate from an HV motor feed circuit, including switchgear PD, cable PD using a combination of wideband, HFCT and TEV sensors installed at the switchgear cable box.


  • Its synchronous measurement permits differentiation between end winding (phase-to-phase) and slot section(phase-to-earth) PD
  • Provides a warning of HV insulation deterioration before it causes costly equipment failure and unplanned outages.
  • Its monitoring is comprehensive and absolute on MV/HV networks
  • Dedicated support with HVPD Kronos Care service contract


Monitors available approved for installation in hazardous gas zones. ATEX EEX-D IIB T5 IP66 for zones 1 and 2.

UHF Sensor Node

Enables connection to UHF sensors for monitoring Gas Insulated switchgear and transformers.

ON-line PD Monitoring Data Integration

Using wide range of industry communication protocols such as Modibus, DNP3, OPC etc SCADA and historian integration is possible. In addition, data can be transferred to the cloud for remote access. With internet connection, email or SMS alerts can be sent upon alarm.

HVPD Kronos Care

We provide a care plan with the different levels of comprehensive support that suits your needs. This is where our expert data analysts can provide you with regular in-depth, and summarized reports on weekly basis. Additionally, our PD engineers are available in case of any alarm, software updates and extended hardware warranty options ensure your HVPD Kronos monitoring system is kept in service and up to date

(2) THE HVPD KRONOS PORTABLE MONITOR is a 24-channel On-line Partial Discharge Monitor used for continuous monitoring on short-term installation. It is designed to be moved around the network within 1-3 months period, where it provides a diagnostic insulation condition assessment of in-service plant, such as switchgear, cables, transformers, and rotating machines of 3.3 KV capacity and beyond.

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